Mental Performance Hacks 

There are a lot of hacks out there to improve your mental performance...

Hemp oil aka CBD

Modafinil via Rx

Adderall/Concerta via Rx

Lions Mane



Block Blue light



Brain tap





It's way too many to cover in one short newsletter. Hey it's Pete! I'll cover 6 of these today. 

Let's start with the free stuff!


One of the best ways to feel more alert and have more mental energy is to add an extra hour of sleep to your daily habits. I know that in our ultra busy lifestyles this, like most things, is easier said than done. Any lifestyle change first starts by evaluating your daily habits. For instance, are you in the habit of watching TV at night? You get enthralled in a show, we’ve done it recently with Netflix's “Rise of Empires: Ottoman”. “Let’s get to bed early tonight” I said, “we have to get up early” only to continue to watch another episode then spend the next morning in a mental fog. Now, we have a cutoff time for when we have to stop watching Netflix in order to get to bed on time. Even if you get an extra half hour a night the benefits as far as your mental clarity will show up immediately. 

Blocking blue light

Blocking blue light goes hand in hand with sleep. It is most important to avoid blue light at night i.e. TV, cell phone, laptop as blue light is proven to disrupt our circadian rhythms. Blue light causes our body to dump cortisol and prohibit melatonin production. If you must watch your favorite show at night, read or surf your phone, get yourself a pair of blue light blocking glasses. We like the Twilight glasses for night time reading from True Dark. 

Meditation and Stillness.

Stillness and meditation can actually sound intimidating to some people. The claim being, “I can’t meditate” or “I don’t know how”. Our suggestion is two fold. For one, you don’t have to meditate, just be still. Practice stillness. Sure, thoughts will come to your mind, don’t worry about them or worry if you are doing it right. Just focus on your breathing. Six seconds in through the nostrils and a nice, slow exhale. I meditate first thing in the morning for 1-3 minutes. It helps prime me for the day ahead.  

Secondly, as it pertains to stillness, we recommend you check out Ryan Holiday’s new book “Stillness is the Key.” 


Once you have all those three down, then it's worth experimenting with these hacks

Hemp Oil
Hemp Oil (also referred to as CBD). CBD has been shown to enhance focus, creativity, improve mood and reduce general anxiety. It is completely legal in most states (if not all) and does not contain THC which is the part of the marijuana plant that produces the psychoactive effects. I take 166 mg of Mary Ruth's organic hemp oil when I feel like I need a cognitive boost. It makes me feel less stressed and more focused. 


Nicotine has been shown to improve working memory. Research suggests that oral consumption improves memory consolidation during learning. When it comes to dosing Nicotine moderation is key as it is addictive. The more you use the more you’ll need to get the same release of feel good neurotransmitters. 2-4mg available via gum or nasal spray is adequate. We occasionally take it before a workout to feel more alert. 


NuCalm. NuCalm is a relaxation and recovery tool that can help you manage stress. Less stress means a more focused you. Even when daily pressures arrive you will be better able to cope after having used this all natural stress intervention system. What I like about NuCalm is that unlike a nap that may cause you to feel groggy when you wake up, NuCalm did not seem to have that negative effect. I felt alert immediately after a 20 minute session. 

Let us know if you give any of these a try! 

-Pete + Jill

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